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Nuno Marques
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Mid Sweden University / University of Lisbon

Nuno Marques is a Doctoral Candidate at Mid Sweden University working on the poets of the S. Francisco Renaissance as a case study for an argument on place in ecocriticism. His work is situated in ecopoetry, material ecocriticism, place specificity, science and literature studies, and geocriticism. He did his MA in North American Studies with an ecocritical study on Gary Snyder.


2014 – Edited Special Issue of Insecurity and Global Terror(s) in Estrema -Interdisciplinary Review for the Humanities 5 [Fall 2014], Co-editor with Igor Furão and Susana Araújo.

2014 Editors’ Introduction: “To Penetrate every Wall and Home”: Insecurity and Global Terror(s). Marques, Nuno, Igor Furão and Susana Araújo. estrema: Interdisciplinary Review for the Humanities 5 [ Fall 2014 ] / Special Issue: Insecurity and Global Terror(s).

2014 – “Experiences of death and dissolution in Paul Bowles’s The Sheltering Sky and Jack Kerouac’s Desolation Angels, in Anabela Duarte, Paul Bowles: The New Generation. Do You Bowles?, Brill / Rodopi.

2012 – Translation, Selection, introductory and index notes: Excerpts of William Burroughs, The Soft Machine. In Susana Araújo Ana Raquel Fernandes, Sandra Bettencourt (Eds.) (In)seguranças no Espaço Urbano: Perspectivas Culturais (Reader). V.N. Famalicão: Edições Húmus, 183-189.


Papers presented (selected):

2015 – "From wilderness to environmental justice – an overview of Ecocriticism". International Conference Naturally Emerson: Creative Reading, Self-Reliance and Cultural Agency, University of Lisbon.

2015 - "An argument in favor of place in Ecocriticism" - intensive Graduate Summer Course Understanding the Human Dimensions of Long-term Environmental Change, Bárðardalur, Northern, Iceland.

2014 – “Building a Dojo in California: Gary Snyder‘s Syncretic Place”. Rethinking Environmental Consciousness, NIES X / ECOHUM I Research Symposium, Mid Sweden University.

2014 – “Can Poetry save the Earth? - Towards an argument in favor of place in second wave ecocriticism from Gary Snyder´s environmentally committed work”, panel “Green Humanities: New perspectives on environmental issues” -Humanities Week in Sundsvall, Sweden.

2013 –"In the Shadow of No Towers and 11–M la Novela Gráfica as moments of silence in the noise of the tragedy". Oceans Apart: In Search of New Wor(l)ds: IASA 6th World Congress, Szczecin, Poland.

2013 – “Personal memory as the place of truth vs. National memory as virtualization in Art Spiegelman’s  In The Shadow of No Towers”. 34th APEAA Meeting, University of Lisbon.

2013 – “Gary Snyder’s meditation on compassion as a possible antidote for violence in danger on peaks”. International Conference Images of Terror, Narratives of (In)security: Literary, Artistic and Cultural Responses, University of Lisbon.


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