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Simone Tulumello
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ICS - University of Lisbon

Simone Tulumello (PhD Urban and Regional Planning; University of Palermo) is a Post-doc Research Fellow (Planning and Geography) since 2013 at the University of Lisbon, Institute of Social Sciences. In 2016 he has spent six months as visiting researcher scholar sponsored by a Fulbright grant at the University of Memphis, Department of City and Regional Planning. His research interests lie at the border between planning research and critical urban studies: critical studies of urban security and safety; urban fear and planning; planning theory and cultures; power and politics in planning; futures studies and urban futures; neoliberal urban trends; Southern European cities; the geography of crisis. He has published, among other outlets, in Urban Geography, International Planning Studies, Planning Practice and Research, Space and Culture, Cadernos Metrópole, Archivio di Studi Urbani e Regionali.

Areas of research

- Urban planning

- Human geography

- Critical urban studies

Main publications

- Tulumello S. (forthcoming), From ‘spaces of fear’ to ‘fearscapes’: Mapping for re-framing theories about the spatialization of fear in urban space. Space and Culture (accepted May 2014).

- Lo Bocchiaro G., Tulumello S. (2014), La violenza dello spazio allo Zen di Palermo. Un’analisi critica sull’urbanistica come strumento di giustizia [The violence of space at the Zen in Palermo. A critical analysis about urbanism as an instrument of justice]. Archivio di Studi Urbani e Regionali, (forthcoming, accepted January 2014).

- Tulumello S. (2013), Panopticon sud-europeo: (video) sorveglianza, spazio pubblico e politiche urbane [Southern European panopticon: (video)-surveillance, public space and urban politics]. Archivio di Studi Urbani e Regionali, XLIV (107), 30-51, doi: 10.3280/ASUR2013-107003

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