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Catarina Frois
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Faculty of Letters - University of Lisbon

Catarina Frois holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the Institute of Social Sciences (University of Lisbon) and is a Senior Researcher at the Centre for Research in Anthropology (Portugal). Her main interests for research are on cultural aspects of anonymity, privacy, surveillance and identification technologies. Currently she is studying videosurveillance in public areas in Portugal, namely the implementation of the National Videosurveillance Program.

Main publications

  • “Video-surveillance in Portugal: political rethoric at the centre of a technological project”, Social Analysis, 55 (3), 2011.
  • “Reflexões em torno do conceito de anonimato”, Análise Social, vol. XLV (1º), 165-177, 2010.
  • “Biology, Biography, Kinship, and Technology: Review in Kinship and Genetics”. Reviews in Anthropology, 38: 327-344, 2009.
  • “Love will tear us apart. ‘Disease’ and ‘tough love’ in Families Anonymous”. Medische Anthropologie, 20 (1): 105-120, 2008.
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