Livros/Volumes Editados

Since 2012, the researchers of Project CILM have been regularly publishing their work in academic journals and book volumes. Since the overall list is too long to be included here, we highlight only the main books and other volumes published in the context of the project:

Fear and Fantasy in a Global World

fear and fantasy

Susana Araújo, Marta Pinto, Sandra Bettencourt
Eds. Amsterdam: Rodopi, Textxet Series, 2015

Cultures of Security in Comparison: From Comparative Literature to Critical Security Studies

Susana Araújo, Carlos Garrido Castellano, Susana Martins
Eds. Dedalus 19, 2015

(In)seguranças no Espaço Urbano: Perspetivas Culturais

livro ins

Susana Araújo, Ana Fernandes, Sandra Bettencourt
Eds. Ribeirão: Húmus, 2012

Trans/Oceanic, Trans-American, Trans/Lation: Issues in International American Studies

trans american

Susana Araújo, Marta Pinto, João Ferreira Duarte
Eds. Newcastle-upon-Thyme: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010

Terror and Security

Susana Araújo
Colaboradores, entre outros: Amy Kaplan, Scott Lucas, Frank Furedi, David Murakami-Wood, David Brauner, Catherine Morley, Aliki Varvogli, 2009
Double issue in Review of International American Studies, Vol. 3, No. 3-4, 2008/2009

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