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This section focuses on selected news coverage of issues related to the main concerns of the project, highlighting their importance for contemporary society; some of these news/articles are, interestingly, alluded to, reworked, reinvented and transformed by contemporary novelists.

Olympic Security - 2012
Soldiers prepare the missile site on the top of Lexington Building, London. It is part of the biggest peacetime security operation England has ever seen.
Source: Daily Mail Online
Olympic Security - 2012
Surface-to-air missiles were installed in residential buildings and green open spaces.
Source: Daily Mail Online
Olympic Security - 2012
Anti-aircraft guns similar to those being used to protect the Olympic Games are seen in action in England during II World War.
Source: Daily Mail Online
Olympic Security - 2012
More troops – around 13,500 – will be deployed than are currently at war in Afghanistan. .
Source: Daily Mail Online
Fiction and reality
James Holmes, 24, is believed to have killed 12 people attending a midnight première of the Batman film in the US. The british newspaper "The Sun" reported: “He hasn’t shown any remorse. He thinks he’s acting in a movie.”
Source: The Sun and WikiMedia Commons
War on terror
In May, 2004, The Economist, which had backed president Bush in the 2000 election, carried a photo of the abuse in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and called for Secretary Rumsfeld's resignation.
"NSA spy scandal boosts sales of Orwell's '1984'"
"NSA surveillance puts George Orwell's '1984' on bestseller lists"
Source: Los Angeles Time

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