Advisory Board

Amy Kaplan

amy kaplan

University of Pennsylvania

Amy Kaplan is a Professor at Pennsylvania University. Her scholarship and teaching focus on the culture of imperialism, comparative perspectives on the Americas, prison writing, the American novel, and mourning, memory and war. A past president of the American Studies Association, Kaplan co-edited, with Donald Pease, Cultures of U. S. Imperialism (Duke, 1993). She has also written The Anarchy of Empire in the Making of U.S. Culture (Harvard UP 2002). Kaplan has published recent essays on the discourse of “homeland security” in response to 9/11, the place of Guantanamo Bay in American history.

David Murakami Wood

david murakami

Queen's University

David Murakami Wood is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at Queen's University and holds a Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Surveillance Studies. He won an ESRC Research Fellowship for his project Cultures of Urban Surveillance, which looked at the globalization of surveillance in different global cities.

Juan Ramon Resina

joan ramon resina

Stanford University

Juan Ramon Resina specializes in modern European literatures and cultures with an emphasis on the Spanish and Catalan traditions. He is Director of the Catalan Observatory at Stanford and serves as Director of the Iberian Studies Program, housed in the Freeman Spogli Institute. He has written, among other books, “After-Images of the City” (2003) “Iberian Cities” (2001) and “Barcelona's Vocation of Modernity: Rise and Decline of an Urban Image” (2008).

Kristiaan Versluys

kries versluys

Ghent University

Kristiaan Versluys is a Professor at Ghent University and director of GUST (the Ghent Urban Studies Team). He is the author of a monograph on literary approaches to 9/11, Out of the Blue: September 11 and the Novel ( New York: Columbia University Press, 2009).

Liam Kennedy

liam kennedy

University College Dublin

Liam Kennedy is Director of the Clinton Institute for American Studies at University College Dublin. He has written widely on urban studies in his books such as Urban Space and RepresentationCity Sites” and “Remaking Birmingham: The Visual Culture of Urban Regeneration.

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